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Acoustic consultancy for your soundproofing and acoustic projects Soundproofing and acoustic design detailing for architects Acoustic panels and soundproofing for commercial and retail spaces
Environmental noise surveys, BS8233, Reverberation time assessments Industrial noise control solutions for sound insulation of noisy plant Soundproofing and acoustic panels and noise solutions for hotels, leisure and resturants
Soundproofing and acoustic panel solutions for schools, education, public buildings Recording studio soundproofing, acoustic panels, acoustic foams and acoustic diffusers Soundproofing products, solutions and noise control systems for residential soundproofing


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Custom Audio Designs - Soundproofing and Acoustics

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Soundproofing and Acoustic Products Materials and Systems Distributed throughout London the UK and Wordwide

We have been supplying soundproofing and acoustic products materials and solutions, for virtually all noise control scenarios, for over 25 years. Our soundproofing and acoustic product knowledge is therefor second to none. We can soundproof floors, soundproof ceiling, soundproof walls. We have acoustic solutions for soundproofing plant noise with industrial acoustic barriers or sound enclosures.

We have the UK's widest range of recording studio acoustic sound diffusers. We have acoustic diffusers made from timber, acoustic diffusors made from ceramics, sound diffusers made of EPS and acoustic diffusers made from ABS. We also have acoustic sound absorbing panels for walls and ceilings including suspended acoustic rafts or surface mounted sound absorbing tiles and panels. Our range of profiled acoustic foams is probably one of the most diverse in the UK, available in a wide range of acoustic foam finishes and colours.

Our industrial acoustic foams and heavy weight sound barrier mass loaded vinyl mats along with superior acoustic membranes improve the soundproofing performance of standard building materials.

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