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Schools / Universities
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Mottisfont Abbey, National Trust - Hampshire


Custom Printed Prosonic Acoustic FG Panels.
‘Visitors are fascinated by the panels – they have great visual impact and the detail on them is extraordinary. People often think they are paintings and are surprised that such a wonderful piece of art also has such a practical acoustic function too.’

Mottisfont panels pre install                                                                                                                          Artist's sample printed artwork

 Artwork by Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer  -


Leisure Centres / Sports Halls


'I can't believe the difference the acoustic panels have made.'

Professional Studios / Home Cinemas

acoustic cinema panels of various types installedBAD panel diffusors installed in a cinema with jocavi round bass cornersBAD panel diffusors installed in a cinema

recording studio with jocavi wall traps, harmix diffusors BAD panels and jocavi round bass corners installed

'The soundproofing is an unequivocal success. This can only be attributed to the recommendations that I received from your company'. 

'Once the products were installed you could immediately hear significant acoustic improvement.'




 Offices and Boardrooms

custom printed acoustic panel montage over7m wide in boardroomdigitally prinyed acoustic panels for a board room

bespoke acoustic panels on vertical adjustable wiresvertical suspended acoustic panels off wires - bespoke designed
Bespoke designed acoustic panels on adjustable vertical wires


Custom printed FG panels for a smart home technology designers' boardroom - pre-install 


acoustic panels with digital printing of food

'The printed panels are fabulous. Thank you so much for all your patience with these. They have fixed the problem.'


Custom printed panels mounted on a wall in a land survey & consultancy office 



acoustic timber panels to a stair caseacoustic panels installed in a library

Schools / Universities

acoustic panels with digital print in university acoustic panels with digital print in university
Custom Printed Acoustic Panels in University social rooms


acoustic timber panels making screen dividersacoustic panels installed in a schoolcustom shaped acoustic suspended clouds in a school hall


suspended acoustic panels in a victorian arched school hallsuspended acoustic panels in a victorian arched school hall
Acoustic panels suspended by wires following the contour of an arched victorian ceiling


Prosonic Acoustic FG Panels installed in halls and corridors at Napier Primary Academy


Churches / Village Halls / Community Centres

community centre acoustic ceiling panels
The visual impression of the acoustic tiles is very good and the acoustic performance superb. What a fantastic organisation you have! Expertise, experience and first rate customer care.'

echotiles absorber panels on a ceiling and higher wall in a scout hut
The results have been amazing. The room is totally transformed. You can now hear everything so clearly. We are all very impressed.'

ceiling panels installed to a village hallcommunity centre acoustic ceiling and wall panels


Village Hall acoustic panels on walls and to blend in with a timber clad ceiling. This was tested before and after with a reduction of over 50% in the reverberation time achieving exactly what the committee wanted.


'The panels work beautifully and blend unobtrusively. Equally importantly, they are very elegant. The Committee and community are delighted with both the panels and the professional way in which they were installed.' The Trustees and Management Committee, Motcombe Memorial Hall.

circular acoustic discs in a lobby installedcircular acoustic discs in a lobby installed

Thank you for your work on this project. Everyone's very impressed with the acoustic panels, they've finished off the café perfectly and work well...there's a vast difference in acoustic quality compared to before the panels were in place.'
Photos courtesy of Burnell Briercliffe Architects -

Clubs / Societies 


'Everybody thinks they look fantastic...a superb job, the print quality is exceptional. Thank you for all your help with this project. And as far as I'm aware the acoustics in the pavilion are also greatly improved.'

Restaurants / Theatres

acoustic wall panels installed in a restaurantconcert hall acoustic absorbers installed

'Many thanks for your excellent service and delivery ahead of schedule. Many people have commented on the effectiveness and appearance of the panels.'

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