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Acoustic Diffusors

Acoustic Diffusers for Enhanced Sound Scattering in Rooms

Acoustic diffusers, or sound diffusors, are designed to scatter incident soundwaves in a more uniform manner to that simply of a discreet reflection. This means that the return acoustic energy is spread more evenly about the room as well as the energy remaining in the room which is does not when it is absorbed by acoustic panels as the soundwave energy in that mechanism is absorbed by turning into heat. Acoustic diffusers come in many different shapes. Generally there are 1D acoustic diffusers which scatter, for example, in a left/right manner whilst 2D acoustic diffusers tend to scatter left/right as well as up/down.

Our range of sound diffusors includes timber acoustic diffusers, ceramic acoustic diffusors, EPS sound diffusers and ABS sound diffusers. Our acoustic diffusers are also available ina wide range of finishes and colours.

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Abffusor - diffusive and absorbent acoustic panel
RPG Abffusor Acoustic Absorber/Diffuser Features Broad bandwidth abffusiv..
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BAD Panel Acoustic Diffusor
RPG B.A.D. Acoustic Diffuser Features Simultaneous diffusive and absorpti..
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CeraFlector Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Ceraflector Diffusor The acoustic treatment panel Ceraflector is a 2D, controlled disp..

CoralReef Diffuser - (pack of 3)
Jocavi Coralreef Diffusor The CORALREEF is a 2D controlled dispersion acoustic diffusion pane..

Diamond Sound Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Diamond Acoustic Sound Diffusor The DIAMOND is a 3D-controlled dispersion multidir..

Diffractal Sound Diffusor
RPG Diffractal Diffusor Features Amplitude modulated QRD Recording s..
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Dynamic Flow Diffuser - (pack of 2)
A Revit / BIM Family object file is available for this product. Jocavi dynamicFlow Diffuser ..

Effectfuser - (pack of 3)
Effectfuser Diffusion shells are acoustic treatment elements used in large volume rooms, such..

Flutterfree Diffusor Planks
RPG Flutterfree Planks   Features 2D QRD provides twice the diffusi..
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Harmonix Sound Diffusor (Pack of 2)
RPG Harmonix Diffusor Features Can be used in T-bar ceiling grids Wa..

Ivory Sound Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Ivory The Ivory® acoustic panel is a single directional diffuser. Its convex e..

Jocavi Acoustic Stage Shells
 Acoustic Shells Introduction When performing in a conventional theatre, symphonic an..
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Neo 3Q Diffusor Panel - (pack of 8)
Jocavi Neo 3Q Diffusor  From many years the Quadratic diffusers became a classic shape i..

Neo 6Q Acoustic Diffusor Panel - (pack of 8)
Jocavi Neo 6Q Diffusor  From many years the Quadratic diffusers became a classic shape i..

Omniffuser Diffusor
RPG Omniffusor Features: 2D QRD provides twice the diffusive specular att..
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Plura Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Plura Acoustic Diffuser Plura is an acoustic diffusion panel, manufactured in ABS ..

Pyramid Absorber/Diffuser - (pack of 3)
Jocavi Pyramid   Absorbent and Diffusive Panel. This is an acoustic panel that com..

QRD 734 - RPG Diffusor
RPG QRD 734 Diffusor Features Quadratic residue sound diffusion Reco..
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Reflex Sound Diffuser - (pack of 5)
Jocavi Reflex Diffusion Panel   This cost effective acoustic diffuser is highly versa..

Ripple Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Ripple   The RIPPLE was especially designed to have both absorption and di..

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