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Omniffuser Diffusor

Omniffuser Diffusor
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RPG Omniffusor

  • 2D QRD provides twice the diffusive specular attenuation of a 1D QRD
  • Recording studios
  • Post-production studios
  • Practice rooms
  • Home theatres
  • Mastering studios
  • Wide range of wood finishes
  • Can be surface or flush mounted
  • 100mm deep plus 15mm battens if required
  • Attractive finish
  • Conventional acoustic treatments have relied on absorption for reflection control. Unfortunately, this can deaden the room and make it unsuitable for speech or music.
  • Diffusive ceilings are one of the most effective ways to simultaneously control room reflections and provide a natural ambiance.
  • The Omniffusor uniformly scatters sound arriving from any direction into many directions, providing ideal distribution and coverage.
  • Its unique shape creates an attractive, visually interesting acoustical surface.

Specular reflections from flat, hard surfaces cause strong reflections that corrupt speech intelligibility and degrade music quality. Typically, fabric wrapped absorptive panels are used to control interfering reflections, with the undesirable side effect of deadening the space.

The Omniffusor is the first 2D QRD. It offers twice the reflection attenuation of the 1D QRD, because it scatters sound uniformly into a hemisphere. The Omniffusor provides uniform, omnidirectional, broad bandwidth diffusion in an attractive ceiling or wall design element.


The Omniffusor provides narrow band absorption at around 800Hz, otherwise it is negligible.


The Omniffusor offers significant diffusion compared to a flat reflector panel above the diffraction limit of 565 Hz, which is determined by the dimensions of the panel. Above this frequency the Omniffusor provides a constant diffusivity.


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