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RC Holder with 'V'-Seal - Rebated

RC Holder with 'V'-Seal - Rebated
Product Code: SE560 & SE570
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RC-Holder with V-Seal

  • Applications: compression or sliding seal for windows, door head and jambs
  • Capable of sealing gaps between 5mm and 9mm
  • Reductions of 10dB can be achieved when used with an appropriate threshold
  • 1m lengths (PART CODE SE560)
  • 2.1m lengths (PART CODE SE570)
  • All fixings supplied

Fitting Instructions for RC range of stop seals

Normally RC is fitted to a planted stop. This enables fine adjustment of the seal position to be made relative to the door face. It can either be surface mounted or set into a groove. Fixing is by pins.
Before starting to fit the seal refer to the drawings below to identify the seal insert which you have ordered.
Measure the dimensions of a section(Fig.1)and check that the actual combined depth of the holder plus the seal insert allows for the compression ratios shown in the illustrations.
It is vitally important that provision for these sizes is made in the joinery detail.

Figure 1 includes a milled slot as supplied when the holder lengths are specially cut to customers requirements. Standard lengths do not have milled slots.

Position of Seal relative to the face of the door

Blade seals are designed to function correctly when compressed to approx. 1/3rd of their vertical position when fitted. Tubular seals are normally compressed by 1mm, just sufficient to stop draughts without excessiver resistance.
The diagrams below show the range of inserts available which can be used with the RC holder. The distance given between the door face and the rear of the holder when correctly fitted reflect the compressibility ratios of the seal inserts.

Preperation for Timber

Timber edges which may affect the proper working of the seal must be chamferred or well rounded to avoid damaging the insert.
The groove, into which the holder is pinned, is cut on one edge and must be accurate to the sizes of the aluminium holder(Fig. 1).

Fitting to Planted top

With the planted stops fitted on the head and side frames at the correct distance from the door, measure the distance at the head between the side stops. Cut the holder and insert seal to fit and fix the holder in place across the head stop using the supplied pins.
If the holder has been cut to the customer's measurements there should be a small milled slot, approx. 100mm from one end. This allows the rubber insert to be installed even though both ends of the holder may be covered when installed in place.
If the aluminium strip is supplied in standard lengths it may be necessary to cut the slots as required. See Fig.1 for details.
Measure each side stop between the head and threshold. Cut the holder to suit and fix with the pins. The milled slot can be either at the top or the bottom.
Cut and feed the seal insert into the holder through the slot and push along its complete length.
To prevent movement of the seal insert in use crimp the ends of the holder on to the insert.
Operate the door and adjust if necessary.

Fitting RC to an Existing Stop

RCV/RCW Pinned into a rebate cut in existing integral stop

Important Reminder

To prevent damaging the insert the closing edge of the hinge side of the door should be well rounded as shown. This applies particularly when fitting RCY, RCX and RCZ. Solvent base glues and paints etc. must not be allowed to come in contact with the elastomeric seal inserts.

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