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AR Holder with 'H' Seal - Rebated

AR Holder with 'H' Seal - Rebated
Product Code: SE540 & SE550
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AR-Holder with H Acoustic Seal

Fitting Instructions for AR Range of Acoustic Stop Seals

  • Applications: compression seal for windows and doors
  • Buffer seal for sliding doors
  • Capable of sealing gaps between 5mm and 7mm
  • Reductions of 8dB can be achieved when used with an appropriate threshold
  • 1m lengths (PART CODE SE540)
  • 2.1m lengths (PART CODE SE550)
  • All fixings supplied

acoustic seal installation AR stop seal range

Angled Blade Inserts

ARK - ARL - ARM in a Planted Stop

AR holder is a light press fit into a groove 5.5mm square. When cutting the groove it is essential to leave a wall of timber, 5mm thick minimum, between the rebate and the face of the stop. Fig.1.

The holder can be secured in place with wood glue but if it is a loose fit an epoxy type adhesive should be used

When specific cut sizes are ordered the holder will be supplied with a milled slot 100mm from one end, to allow the insertion of the seal insert. Otherwise, if ordered as a total metre run, the holder is supplied without a milled slot.

After inserting the rubber seal both ends of the holder should be crimped to prevent movement of the insert.

Position of seal relative to the door face
Blade seals are designed to function properly when compressed to approx. one third of their vertical projection when fitted.

The following table shows distance from the face of the door to the holder.

Distance to front of holder 3mm 5mm 6mm

Fitting to planted stops on plain jambs or existing stops
Ensure that the distance of the stop from the front of the door is as shown in the table above, having regard to to the insert being used.

Measure dimension inside door frame at the head and cut holder.

Cut and fit sealing blade insert, crimp both ends and fix in the holder groove.

Cut and fit the seal in the side stops as described above.

Fitting to door edges
ARK is recommended where the gap between the door edge and the jamb is 2mm-3mm. Nothing is gained with an oversize blade in a small gap. When cutting a rebate in the door edge a wall of timber, at least 5mm thick, must be left between the rebate and the face of the door. It is important that the direction of the blades is as shown. Figs. 2 and 3

Fitting to door jambs
This is an alternative method we recommend should be done at the manufacturing stage because of the work involved. Note direction of blade seals. Figs. 4 and 5.

ARH tubular acoustic seal
The seal is shown rebated in a planted stop. Fig.6. Correctly fitted the seal insert is normally compressed by 1mm. In practise this means that the compression of a continuous seal around a door, or window, should be only sufficient to stop draughts without excess resistance. The sequence of fitting is similar to that for blade inserts.

General notes
To prevent snatching of inserts on the hinge side of doors and windows, the closing edge should be well rounded.
Solvent based glues, varnishes, paints etc. should not be allowed to come into contact with the rubber seal inserts.
For optimum results surfaces with which these seals make contact should be as smooth as possible.

Door and window ironmongery: extra care should be taken where the seal may be interrupted, i.e. when fitting around hinges, casement stays, etc

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