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ProSonic Fractus3D Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

ProSonic Fractus3D Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
ProSonic Fractus3D Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Brand: Prosonic
Product Code: PRO FRA
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ProSonic Fractus 3D Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

ProSonic Fractus 3D are designed to provide an extra dimension to flat regular ceiling grid systems where additional acoustic tiles may be required to improve on the internal room acoustics by reducing the reverberation times within the space.

The panels are easy to install and replace the standard 600x600mm grid ceiling tiles. They can be placed around the ceiling to create geometric shapes and add a more modern twist by aesthetically generating a 3D look.

For maximum edge absorption its best the tiles are not placed immediately adjacent to each other. The tiles protrude approximately 50mm below the grid although we can do any depth in multiples of 25mm.

Material Fibreglass
Finish Fabric
Fire rating Class 0
Size 582x582 (for T15)
Size 575x575 (for T24)
Thickness custom
Weight 0.8kg per unit


Equiv. absorption area per object, Aobj (m2)
Frequency, Hz 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k
AObj m2 0.12 0.37 0.58 0.61 0.56 0.54
Average absorption coefficient: 1.08
Absorption Class: A



The Fractus tiles are installed in exactly the same way as a standard ceiling tile by inserting the panel diagonally and once it is in on the upper part it can rest on the profile.
There does need to be enough space in the ceiling void though to get the panels up and turned. Generally, depending on the thickness of the tile, you want about 300mm.
Be sure to order the correct size tile of tile for the grid into which they are to be installed and if in doubt contact out Technical Department for advice. The panels have a 25mm thick 'lip' which sits behind the panel on the T-grid.

Generally we manufacture two options. One protrudes 25mm below the surface the other 50mm below so the panels are 50mm and 75mm respectively.

We can also make a pyramid shaped version of this 3D ceiling grid tile. We usually use acoustic foam with stitched fabric seams along the edges. These are extremely lightweight and require less depth to install as the acoustic foam is flexible so they just push into place from below.

acoustic pyramid ceiling tile installed in a T24 systemacoustic pyramid ceiling grid panel

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