Neo 3Q Diffusor Panel - (pack of 8)

Neo 3Q Diffusor Panel - (pack of 8)
Product Code: JCV N3Q
Pack size: 8 units per box
Availability: Estimated 4-6 weeks
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Jocavi Neo 3Q Diffusor 

jocavi neo 3Q acoustic diffusion panel diffusor

From many years the Quadratic diffusers became a classic shape in architectural acoustics. Jocavi revisited and made a new design of the oldest ever project of acoustic diffuser modules.
Starting from the same principle of the calculations for Quadratic diffusers, we reviewed it with a new approach and add a new energy flow calculation theory that adds better scattering predicates and advantages. NEO 3Q® has a three grade design pattern, making the distribution of energy homogeneous and balanced within its effective frequency range.
The phase grating surface of the NEO 3Q® is designed to provide a more uniform diffusion of the sound reflections radiated against it, mostly in the mid and high frequencies sound field.
In the cases where the reflections are disturbing the sound image and it is not advisory to add further absorption, diffusers are a very useful solution to reduce flutter echoes, early reflections, comb filtering etc., these components must be placed on the disturbing surface so that these derogatory characteristics can be manipulated.
This model is made of ABS, with a composite filling of recycled materials, which gives this product a specific mass and also contributes to its consistence. The ABS as an external raw material makes it the fastest and most specific properties required for a diffuser like this, along with UV protection, impact resistance, durability and fire resistance Bs1.
NEO 3Q® can be installed in recording studios, music education facilities, auditoriums and performing halls. It is available in several different colours By using our fastening materials it can be applied on walls and ceilings, as well as "T" type mounting bars for fake ceilings.


  • Average diffusion: 0.67/m2 [>100Hz;<5KHz] 
  • Manufactured with ABS Flame resistance: M1
  • Package: 8 or 16 units
  • 100% recyclable 
  • Several different aesthetic color combinations
  • Installation: mounting accessories included or T-ceiling ready 
  • Two different shapes

Jocavi Neo3Q colour acoustic diffusion panels Grey

jocavi Neo 3Q isometric drawing sizes models

Neo 3Q acoustic data absorption diffusion

ABS colours

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