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Cityscape Diffusor (Pack of 2)

Cityscape Diffusor (Pack of 2)
Product Code: GRG SKY
Packaging:: Supplied in boxes of 2 or 3
Availability: Estimated 2-3 weeks
Download Description: For Registered Users Only
Price: £164.62

Available Options

* Cityscape option:


Cityscape Diffusor

  • 156 distinct phase blocks
  • Recording studios
  • Post production studios
  • Practice rooms
  • Home theatres
  • Mastering studios
  • Various paint option finishes
  • Lightweight
  • Hardwearing
  • 120mm or 150mm depth options
  • Interfering reflections can be controlled by absorption or diffusion.
  • In small rooms, it is often desirable to control interfering reflections and provide an ambient sound field using diffusion instead of absorption.
  • When the room’s surfaces are relatively close to the listener, a very efficient diffusing surface is needed.
  • The Cityscape scatters incident sound uniformly so that the acoustic glare in all directions is minimised.


The uniformity of diffusion is characterised by the standard deviation of the 1/3 octave polar response, for a given angle of incidence. For each of the 37 angles of incidence, 37 backscattering impulse response measurements are made at 5° increments between 0° and 180°. The diffusion coefficient is the mean standard deviation for all angles of incidence, normalised to the standard deviation of a delta function (1 equals ideal diffusion). The data illustrates the exceptional uniformity of diffusion above the diffraction limit (565 Hz = 1130 ft/sec/2'), which is related to the 2' dimension of the panel.


The expanded polypropylene / EPS mix material of the Cityscape provides useful low/mid frequency absorption between 250Hz and 1kHz

cityscape diffuser in an array of 12 units

custom painted cityscape diffusors 1custom painted cityscape diffusors 2

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