ProSonic Impact Acoustic Panels

ProSonic Impact Acoustic Panels
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ProSonic High Impact Acoustic Sports Panels

  • ProSonic impact panels have been specifically developed to improve the acoustic performance of sports facilities. Acoustically absorbent panels are covered with a range of different fabric colours. The product reduces reverberation times from activity and impact sports in large indoor spaces thus improving the acoustic comfort.
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent ball impact resistance
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Simple to reposition
  • Mounting kit can be supplied

These panels are simply fixed using Velcro fasteners. They can be cleaned with a vacuum or a warm, damp cloth. In cases of strong contamination, the textile cover can be removed and washed at max. 30°C

Size: 1200x800x55mm

Weight: approx. 2kg per panel

Colours: blue, yellow, green, red and white

sports impact acoustic panels in brick layout   sports impact acoustic panels installed in a sports hall


  • The mounting kit contains 20 running metres of flame retardant Velcro (hooks) and one tube of MS-polymer adhesive and is enough to mount 6 panels.
  • The wall surface should be clean, smooth and dust free.
  • After applying the MS-polymer adhesive on the wall the Velcro should be installed immediately. The adhesive has a skin over time of 10minutes.
  • The MS-polymer requires 24 hours' curing for a 2mm thickness
  • Install the panels in a dry, heated environment and condition them 24hrs beforehand.
  • The panels have a brushed textile backing which ensures good adhesion to the velcro
  • Panels can be cleaned with a vacuum or a damp cloth
  • In cases of strong contamination the textile cover can be removed and washed at max. 30°C

prosonic impact panels acoustic performance

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