ATP4 Standard

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ATP4 is a combination of acoustic panels designed for medium sized rooms which are generally the more common size of listening room.

You can choose from the two available ATP4® solutions: Standard or Excellence, depending on your needs and aesthetic taste.

This Acoustic Treatment Pack comprises a set of acoustic panels that are designed for demanding spaces. ATP 04 applies to every type ofmusic room, control room, recording studio, tracking room, cinema room etc. It provides an acoustic environment adequate for medium/large sized rooms.

This pack balances absorption and diffusion panels along with tuned low fequency units thus providing an excellent absorption to diffusion ratio. The application of the low frequency tuned absorbers in the corners and on the walls is essential in a room of this size.

Give your ears a treat and see how the performance of your sound system improves.

All packs are supplied with assembly instructions, as well as the glues and tools which are necessary to apply the acoustic modules.

Room Applications

  • Home theatre, Hi-Fi rooms or instrument rooms
  • Home studios, Small sized home theatre rooms

Where to apply

  • Rooms with an area between 24 and 30 square metres
  • Rooms with volumes between 58 and 90 cubic metres

Acoustic Characteristics

These values were obtained by simulation in specific JAS® software and later confirmed through acoustic analysis of the rooms.

The simulated and tested rooms are totally empty, and only the referred ATP® acoustic panels are applied.

Construction used with the following characteristics:

Width: 4.48m
Length: 6.52m
Height: 2.80m

Walls: Masonry with painted plaster and a wooden door
Ceiling: 12mm thick plaster
Floor: Natural floating parquet

jocavi atp4 acoustic graph

ATP4 Standard
Product Unit Diffuser Absorber Tuned
Stripesorb 120 28 - Yes -
Trap 30R or Trap 30S 120 8 - Yes -
ATP4 Excellence  
Wavyfuser 12 Yes    
Wavyfuser INV 12 Yes    
Foamsorb 12   Yes  
Foamsorb INV 12   Yes  
Basskeeper Angle 8   - Yes
Basskeeper Wall 8   - Yes

ATP4 excellence render 1 ATP4 excellence render 2 ATP4 excellence parts


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