LF Camou Basstrap

LF Camou Basstrap
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Jocavi LF Camou Low Frequency Corner Absorber

Jocavi LF Camou Low Frequency Corner Absorber

The LF CAMOU is a low-frequency absorption panel suitable for applying in the 90° corners of rooms. The absorption peak of this panel is at 100 Hz. It combines a high-density foam box with JOCAVI's fabric finishing. It has exactly the same finishing as the CAMOU absorbent panel, so we can combine the two models with the same aesthetics. The combined use with CAMOU will increase the absorption of the nearest harmonic frequencies.

The closed resonance chamber has sufficient mass and density to provide a very concentrated and effective absorption coefficient. This panel will become one of the most efficient and inexpensive offers in the market for low-frequency absorbent materials. This panel is mounted with our recommended adhesive glue. The LF CAMOU is designed to fit and match the CAMOU or any other 80mm thickness models. In order to boost bass absorption, we recommend that you use a number of panels, enough to fill all the edge corners of the room.


  • 600 x 600 x 40mm (4.4kg)
  • Tuned to 100Hz
  • Average absorption 0.77/m²
  • M1 self-extinguishing fire resistant foam
  • Packed 2 per box
  • Foam colour: dark grey

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