Jocavi Acoustic Panels

Jocavi Acoustic Panels

Our selected 'Jocavi' acoustic treatment panel range is a prestige brand widely recognised for its high-end acoustic performance.

Suitable for both professional and high-end residential use you can select from a diverse range including diffusion models and low frequency tuned panels.

This range provides the designer with an interesting and rare variety of solutions to create visually exciting, high-performing interiors. Several types of absorption and diffusion panels are available, created with 43 different materials through semi-automated and manual processes, allowing imaginative creations.

The resulting materials are really well taken care of during the whole process from design to manufacture and customers and clients can be assured of our highly competent technical customer service. Quality is our main concern.

For further information and specification details please browse below.
For professional guidance or material commissions please contact our Technical Team.
For high-end 'prestige' solutions suitable for residential and commercial use, please browse our Jocavi range below.

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BABS Sound Screen (set of 2)
Jocavi BABS The BABS is an acoustic blind system which is ideal to have in your tracking room..

Convex Absorber - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Convexsorber The CONVEXABSORBER is an absorbent panel which is efficient at absorbing ..

Ebony Sound Absorber - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Ebony Absorber The Ebony acoustic absorption panel is a mid frequency absorber. Its co..

Jocavi Acoustic Stage Shells
 Acoustic Shells Introduction When performing in a conventional theatre, symphonic an..
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Staidtreat BXW Acoustic Panel - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Staidtreat BXW Low Frequency Absorption Panel The STAIDTREAT BXW is a low-frequ..
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Staidtreat WBA Acoustic Panel - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Staidtreat WBA Mid Frequency Absorption Panel The STAIDTREAT WBA is a medium-fr..
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WallBlind Studio Screen (sold in pairs)
  Jocavi Wallblind Large studio rooms are adequate to record joint takes, with al..

Watercot Moisture Resistant Noise Baffle / Acoustic Panel
Jocavi Watercot Baffle (BAF) / Wall Panel (WAL) - Moisture Resistant   The Watercot is an..
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Widebaffle Suspended Acoustic Panel
      Widebaffle - Absorption Panel Widebaffle is an acoustic baffle ..
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