Watercot Moisture Resistant Noise Baffle / Acoustic Panel

Watercot Moisture Resistant Noise Baffle / Acoustic Panel
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Jocavi Watercot Baffle (BAF) / Wall Panel (WAL) - Moisture Resistant

Jocavi acoustic panel baffle watercot 

The Watercot is an absorbent acoustic panel for ceilings and walls. This model comes in two versions: the Watercot BAF, which is a suspension baffle for ceilings, and the Watercot WAL, which is a covering material for walls and ceilings. The latter is provided with its own glue, a self-adhesive film, and it is very easily applied.

The Watercot is manufactured with one component only, i.e., closed-cell polyethylene foam, whose cells are open by perforation at a later process during manufacture. The result is a very efficient material for acoustic treatment. The several advantages of this product are its weight, price, durability and moisture resistance.

When compared to other similar materials, i.e., polyester-foam and melamine-foam, this material has distinct advantages which allow its use in rather wet environments and outdoors, given its resistance to moisture and water. One of the key features of this foam is actually its capacity to remain physically and acoustically unchanged when exposed to water and moisture.

These two products, the Watercot WAL and the Watercot BAF, are yet another option of acoustic treatment provided by JOCAVI, mainly when both moisture and fire resistance requirements are essential criteria. It is a mandatory tool for airborne noise control problems and a very low-cost solution.


  • Size: 1200 x 600 x 60mm (0.46kg)
  • Excellent absorption
  • Withstands pressure washing
  • Density 30kg/m³
  • Water absorption: %Vol. (28d-95%HR) < 4 %vol.
  • Fire Reaction: meets all fire policies required for the Building & Construction DIN 4102 B1 Class
  • αW=0.75 (H)
  • Absorption Class C

Jocavi acoustic panel baffle watercot absorption coefficient data

Jocavi acoustic panel baffle watercot foam colour options

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