Profiled Studio Foam

Recording Studio Profiled Acoustic Foam Tiles and Panels

Acoustic foam sound absorption treatment for recording studios available in a wide range of surface profiles, colours and finishes.

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AB Twice Acoustic Foam - DISCONTINUED
Product Discontinued Can still be produced in large quantities - contact us for more information ..
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Basmel Acoustic Foam - (8 per pack)
Jocavi Basmel Acoustic Foam BASMEL is a low cost acoustic panel for large quantity applicatio..
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Basmel Twist Acoustic Foam - (pack of 8)
Basmel Twist Acoustic Foam Tiles BASMEL Twist® is made of a flexible open-cell regular fo..
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Cookie Acoustic Panel - (pack of 4 pairs)
Jocavi Cookie Acoustic Panel COOKIE® is made of a flexible open-cell regular foam or mela..
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DecoArt Acoustic Foam - (pack of 8 pairs)
A Revit / BIM Family object file is available for this product. Jocavi DecoArt Acoustic Foam ..
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Foamsorb Acoustic Foam - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Foamsorb Acoustic Foam This cost effective acoustic absorber is highly versatile and..
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Jocavi Camou - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Camou This panel is an updated version of the COSMOS panel, but is distinct from it. I..
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Pyramid Absorber/Diffuser - (pack of 3)
Jocavi Pyramid   Absorbent and Diffusive Panel. This is an acoustic panel that com..
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Pyramid Profiled Acoustic Foam - Melatech (pack of 8 or 16)
Pyramid Profiled Acoustic Foam - Melatech (DISCONTINUED) This product currently features on our s..
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Seafoam Acoustic Tiles - (pack of 8)
Jocavi Seafoam Acoustic Panel SEAFOAM is made of a flexible open-cell foam from melamine ..
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Snowsorb Acoustic Foam Tiles - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Snowsorb Acoustic Foam Panel   In order to enlarge the range of options availa..
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Stripesorb Acoustic Foam - (pack of 4)
Please contact our sales team for prices   Stripesorb - Absorber Panel A budget ..
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Stripesorb-ARC Acoustic Foam - (pack of 4)
Please contact the sales team for prices   Jocavi Stripesorb-ARC Acoustic Foam Ab..

Swell Acoustic Foam Tiles - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Swell Acoustic Foam Absorber   The SWELL model is an absorbent panel made of s..
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Widebaffle Suspended Acoustic Panel
      Widebaffle - Absorption Panel Widebaffle is an acoustic baffle ..
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