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Acoustek Sound Absorbing Tiles - Box of 9

Acoustek Sound Absorbing Tiles - Box of 9
Brand: Prosonic
Product Code: ATEK
Price Includes: Acoustic Wadding & Wall Fixings
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Price: £595.00

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* Acoustek Design:

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Acoustek Tiles

Acoustek multi coloured Roma wall tiles

  Cavasinni Collection                                                             Newport Collection                                                 

Acoustek tiles - celano colourAcoustek tiles - Torino colourAcoustek tiles - Roma colourAcoustek tiles - Milano     Acoustek tiles - SandAcoustek tiles - MetroAcoustek tiles - DiffuseAcoustek tiles - Urban
 Celano           Torino            Roma             Milano                 Sand                Metro             Diffuse           Urban

Acoustek tiles are amongst the most efficient methods of combating reverberate noise, either planned from the outset as a design feature, or retrofitted as a cure for any previously unpredicted ‘noise annoyance factor’ - the latter being experienced in most commercial interiors. The control of reverberate noise in spaces where people work, relax, socialise and learn is of critical importance. ‘Reverberant spaces’ are not natural environments for humans. Spending time in such spaces can have a negative impact on productivity, learning, recuperation, enjoyment and well-being.

Acoustek has two exclusive acoustic tile ranges, the Newport Collection and Cavasinni Collection, both have been given the utmost consideration of where and how they will fit in to cure this all too common reverberate noise problem. The subtle and different design styles exhibited by both collections has something to suit most tastes, yet both collections also enable the expression of individual design flair to create decorative, effective, bespoke noise attenuation.

Environmentally friendly

Acoustek 3D Tiles, Beams and Acoustic Screens are manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre with a minimum of 60% recycled fibre content from PET packaging such as empty drink bottles.
• Products with recycled content reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
• High reusable potential.
• The products are 100% recyclable.
• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated in the manufacturing process is classified as low (0.01 mg/m3).
• No ozone-depleting gases are used during the manufacturing process.
• No red list chemicals are present.
• Safe, non-irritant, non-toxic, and non-allergenic.

Technical Data
Weight Less than 0.5kgs per tile
Thickness 35 - 55mm
Size 500mm x 500mm
Fire rating  
Melting Point 250°C​
Vapour pressure n/a 
Volatiles Nil
Flash point None allocated
Other properties Non-allergenic, low irritant, low flame response, resilient
Composition Organic, long chain synthetic polymers
Max service temp 110°C
Alkalinity pH 7.8 (pH 7 is neutral)
Moisture absorption Exposure to an atmosphere of 50ºC and 95% RH for four days gives moisture
absorption of less than 0.2% by volume


Performance NRC data Acoustek tiles

Acoustek wall tiles have the ‘designed in’ ability to incorporate acoustic wadding (if required) to further increase their NRC rating. Compare the graph enclosed, the standard black line shows excellent performance NRC of 0.70 = without wadding. Add wadding (the red graph line) and an NRC of 0.85 is achieved. It is important to qualify whether wadding is required or not since NRC of 0.70 is excellent noise attenuation across a broad spectrum frequency, the choice is yours.



Easy to use wall clip system. Screw the fixing plates into the wall and slot panels into fixing clips. 
The images below illustrate fixing clips A, B & C and how they are situated in a basic 3x3 panel formation.

Acoustek tiles wall fixing type AAcoustek tiles wall fixing type B & CAcoustek tiles wall fixing configuration

Acoustek Absorber Panels with fixings

Colour Options 

Have design freedom with our extensive range of fabric colours and finishes.
We recommend you order samples prior to placing an order as colour accuracy varies from monitor to monitor and we cannot be held responsible for colour discrepancies.

Fabric colour options for acoustek

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