Acoustic Cradle Saddle System - Packers

Acoustic Cradle Saddle System - Packers
Product Code: AC110 - AC130
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Acoustic cradle flooring system

Custom Audio Designs' IsoCheck Acoustic Cradle System reduces the transmission of impact and airborne sound through concrete floors by acoustically isolating the top floor surface from the structural floor. The Acoustic Cradle consists of a high performance, recycled, high density, 10mm resilient Isolate C rubber base which, unlike similar products, has excellent static deflection properties as well as the advantage of long life, since it will not degenerate over time like foam-backed products, thus preserving performance standards.

Using the Acoustic Cradle System with our 2mm, 3mm and 5mm Acoustic Cradle 'Packers' allows level floors to be constructed even when the base concrete floor slab is uneven. The packers are simply inserted into the cradle underneath the battens.

When increased finished floor heights are required to cater for specific design criteria, deep services or very uneven sub-bases, we can supply an interlocking 15mm or 30mm deep cradle base packer which simply slots in underneath the main cradle. The cradle base packers may be used in multiples to achieve the desired finished floor height. When installed as part of a complete party floor construction this system enables a concrete floor to meet the sound transmission 
standards of Approved Document E 2003 (amended 2004).

Treated floors meets New Robust Detail FFT2, typically within Robust Detail EFC-1, EFS-1, EFC-2 and EFC-7.


  • Isocheck cradle system (complete with leveling packers) by Custom Audio Designs Ltd, 5 Ridgeway Office Park, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3QF and installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
Product Data
Cradle Part Code AC100
2mm packers Part Code AC110
3mm packers Part Code AC120
5mm packers Part Code AC130
'L' profile acoustic flanking strip Part Code AC160


  • Lay Isocheck cradle with 18mm, 19mm or 22mm chipboard deck in stretcher bond pattern on stress graded timber battens, with all joints supported, applying adhesive to all tongued and grooved joints.
  • Fix Isocheck angled acoustic flanking strip on the edges of the chipboard just before they are pushed against the perimeter walls to isolate the boards from the wall.
  • Install skirting and trim off excess flanking strip.
  • Use intermediate cradles and battens to support any board short ends where they don't join over a batten.
  • Services running parallel with the wall must be 150mm away to avoid interfering with the perimeter cradles/battens.
  • Additional supports may be required at the perimeter by using extra cradles where services pass through any battens.

acoustic cradle side elevation showing construction buildup

Access Runs

Access runs may be formed as required by the introduction of removable boards cut to suit. Ensure that the access run boards and adjoining floor boards are supported by the introduction of cross-battens located within the cradles. Additional battens and cradles may be required to suit the position of the access run.

acoustic cradle pipe or top cover access panel

acoustic cradle top chipboard screw layout spacing diagram

Can be used with underfloor heating

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