FIT30 and FIT70 All-in-one fitness flooring

FIT30 and FIT70 All-in-one fitness flooring
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FIT30 and FIT70 All-in-one fitness gym flooring

FIT70 superior fitness acoustic flooring


A superior all-in-one, interlocking, recycled rubber tile designed specifically to provide high levels of impact and vibration isolation for gym and fitness studio floors. Many gym and fitness studios use the rubber material that is intended for children's play areas. This is a very inefficient material for gym applications as it is not designed to specifically combat the acoustic issues encountered with gym flooring. It is designed to bounce things back up which is exactly the opposite of what is required for weights areas and running machines etc

FIT30 and FIT70 have been designed and tested to provide up to 29dB of sound isolation below 160Hz, which is where the predominant low-frequency noise level is when running machines or weight training items are used on a concrete floor. It dramatically reduces low-frequency impact noise in free-weight areas, under cardio equipment and other fitness machines which in turn reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise and vibration into adjacent areas.

The tiles have a high-compression wear layer for superior abrasion and slip resistance and colour retention. The maintenance-free surface leads to lower costs and longer life-expectancy. The tiles will not harden or become brittle with age and are mould, bacteria, fungi and water resistant.

Optional accessories include profiled edging, inside and outside corner pieces as well as ADA compliant ramps.

impact reduction when using superior fitness flooring rubber

the interlocking seamless join between FIT70 tilesEngineered for Performance

The tiles have a seamless interlocking fit. Tiles are installed under compression to have a seamless aesthetic finish which also eliminates any seam separation over time.

Seam compression of 10.3 N/mm (1 kgf/mm)


  • Very low dynamic stiffness for improved low frequency response.
  • Superior engineered cylindrical mounts significantly reduce vibration transmission.
  • The tiles offer decreased impact for exposure level as measured using the heavy/hard impact source.
  • Produces very little return 'bounce' especially when using weights.
  • FIT30 is generally ideal for cardio studios, daycare centres, machine areas and personal training areas.
  • FIT70 is generally better for cross fit training areas, high impact studios, free weight/dumbbell areas.
  • Supplied in 610 x 610mm tiles.

the cylinder designed underside of FIT70 tiles

FIT acoustic graphs for impact improvements

fitness flooring acoustic tilesgym flooring acoustic tiles

FIT30 and FIT70 Rubber Colour Selections

Fit 30 and FIT 70 solid series tile colour availability

Fit 30 and FIT 70 designer series tile colour availability

Test Description Standard Reference FIT 30 FIT 70
Slip resistance ASTM D2047 0.81 0.81
Tensile strength ASTM D412 107 PSI 92 PSI
92 PSICHPS section 01350 ASTM D5116 Pass Pass
Chemical resistance ASTM F925 No change No change
Impact force exposure level ISO 10140-Part 5 41dB 39dB

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