Sylomer Acoustic Cradle Mounts

Sylomer Acoustic Cradle Mounts
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Sylomer® Acoustic Cradle Mounts

Sylomer range of acoustic cradle batten systems

Sylomer® acoustic cradle floor mounts have been specifically designed for the isolation of timber batten flooring. The excellent properties of the microcellular polyurethane provides for increased levels of sound isolation, especially at lower frequencies, as opposed to the more common rubber, cork, foam and felt based cradles which never detail any specific deflection due to live or dead loads let alone natural frequencies. This maybe sufficient for a general domestic / residential application but for much more critical recording studio type applications where high mass, high isolation, low resonant timber floating floor systems are required then acoustic calculations need to be done and specific data on mount deflection and resonant frequency, due to live or dead loadings, is critical.

These mounts are manufactured in two special mixes and thicknesses of Sylomer® to better adapt to the loadings of each application.

The rugged metal parts can withstand tensile stresses and are supplied with an anti-corrosive treatment that can withstand the toughest environments.

They can also accommodate slight un-eveness of the subfloor as battens can be screwed onto the rigid side flanges with a small gap beneath. Designed for 50mm wide timber battens.

There are five options types:

Type Summary Max. load Height Code
Sylomer® 25 floor mount floating floor batten system mount 25kg 27mm 23562
Sylomer® 30 floor mount floating floor batten system mount 30kg 14.5mm 23561
Sylomer® 40 floor mount floating floor batten system mount 40kg 27mm 23261
Sylomer® 75 floor mount floating floor batten system mount 75kg 27mm 23564
Sylomer® 100 floor mount floating floor batten system mount 100kg 14.5mm 23563


Natural frequency and deflection graphs are available on request. Generally, in certain combinations, natural frequencies as low as 10Hz can be achieved with deflections between 1-3mm. 

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