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Sound Absorbers and Acoustic Panels

A wide range of architectural acoustic panels and sound absorbers for reducing excessive noise / reverberation levels inside rooms. Some of our acoustic panels are custom made to order and therefore are not available to purchase online. Please contact our sales team for pricing and availability.

If you require a more bespoke acoustic panel then we may still be able to help.

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ProSonic Acoustic Shapes
Acoustic Shapes - Suspended Ceiling Clouds ProSonic Ceiling Clouds are a very effective way t..
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Prosonic FG Acoustic Panels
ProSonic FG Acoustic Panels Features: Various mounting systems available ..
Based on 2 reviews.

Acoustic Panel - Bubbles
Acoustic Panels - Bubbles Uses: Pre-School Nursery Offices ..

Acoustikell-W Acoustic Tiles
Acoustikell-W Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings Acoustikell-W is made of moulded glass wool ..
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Acoustison-50 Steel Perforated Industrial Acoustic Absorber Panels
Acoustison-50A - Modular Industrial Sound Absorber Panels A high specification, multi-perfora..
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Free Standing Acoustic Office Screens
Acoustic Office Screens - freestanding Double sided acoustic screens to reduce direct sound t..
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Printed Face Acoustic Panels
Custom Printed Face FG Acoustic Panels Features: Various edge profiles av..
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ProSonic Acoustic Tubes
ProSonic Acoustic Tube - Tubular Suspended Baffles ..
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Prosonic Acoutec-N Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Acoutec-N Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Self-supporting, rigid, acoustic tiles manufactured from min..
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ProSonic Cubes & Totems
Prosonic Acoustic Cubes A mix of different sizes of Prosonic cubes ..
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Prosonic EchoTile - 8 per box (white)
Prosonic Echotiles - Class C BB93 Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Product Advantages Saves headroom ..
As low as £176.00
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ProSonic EcoTile Phonic
ProSonic Echotile Phonic - Class A Acoustic Panel EcoTile Phonic acoustic panels are supplied as ..

ProSonic Fantasia
ProSonic Fantasia Acoustic Shapes. Please Note: This particular product is no..
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ProSonic Fractus3D Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
ProSonic Fractus 3D Acoustic Ceiling Tiles ProSonic Fractus 3D are designed to provide an ext..

ProSonic Impact Acoustic Panels
ProSonic High Impact Acoustic Sports Panels ProSonic impact panels have been specifically deve..
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Prosonic Pinboard Tiles - 600x600 (6 per box)
ProSonic Acoustic Pinboard Tiles for Classrooms Uses: Excellent thermal i..

ProSonic Pyramid Tiles
ProSonic Pyramids Please Note: This product page is currently being updated s..
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ProSonic Wave Acoustic Clouds
ProSonic Wave Acoustic Cloud ProSonic Wave acoustic panels have been designed to provide a dynami..

Tilesorption dB-Tile Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tile
Tilesorption dB-Tile Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tile ..

Variable Acoustic Screens
   This is a custom made, non-returnable product    Please contact our sal..
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