T Acoustic Roofing Systems

Tecsound Acoustic Roof Membrane

Tecsound Acoustic Roofing Membrane

Tecsound acoustic roof systems

Recyclable and made from 68% Recycled Material Fillers

Tecsound Acoustic Sound Insulating Roofing Systems


  • Excellent Acoustic Performance
  • Easy to cut and install onsite
  • Supplied in roll form for fewer joints
  • Fully tested systems
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment


  • Class 0 fire rating
  • 100% recyclable
  • Unbeatable flexibility even down to -20°C
  • Improved low frequency performance
  • Cost effective

Rain Noise

Impact noise from rain can significantly increase the indoor noise levels. Rain noise is therefore a potentially important noise source which must be considered at an early point in the roof design in order to minimise disturbance within the building.

The addition of a mass layer is required in order to attain the highest acoustic performance levels for lightweight metal roof constructions. The Tecsound Acoustic Membrane offers additional mass whilst also providing inherent damping properties.

Testing has confirmed that Tecsound Acoustic Membrane provides improved acoustic performance in comparison with heavier, thicker, more expensive cementatious boards.


Tecsound Acoustic membrane is a unique synthetic material. It does not contain lead, EPDM or Bitumen. It is made from 68% recycled mineral fillers and is 100% recyclable


For flat roof applications, Tecsound Acoustic Membrane should be laid directly on to the metal decking, across the line of the profiles. The metal decking must be clean and dry. Align the membrane and extend the roll over the metal decking progressively. The reinforcing protecttion scrim works not only as a separating layer but makes the material easier to handle and safer to walk on when wet.

All membrane joints should be overlapped by 50mm as small openings can reduce the level of acoustic insulation.

The Tecsound Acoustic Membrane also doubles as a vapour control layer so in some applications no additional material is needed. Thermal insulation roofing boards are then applied. A mechanically fastened single-ply or other waterproofing membrane should then be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

Day joints must be formed at the conclusion of each section of work to seal exposed edges of insulation boards and acoustic membrane.


Easily cut or shaped with a sharp knife.

Product Description

Tecsound Acoustic Roofing Membrane is a flexible, high density, visco-elastic polymer mass layer. When combined with rock fibre or PIR insulation, the product provides an inexpensive, high performance acoustic solution for flat roofing and built-up metal roofing systems (e.g. standing seam). It is an ideal solution for buildings requiring high levels of acoustic performance, including:

  • Cinemas
  • Airports
  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Retail and leisure developments

Tecsound Acoustic Roofing Membrane Systems have been used in numerous prestigious applications around the world including:

  • Heathrow Terminal 2 - UK
  • Barcelona Terminal 1 - Spain
  • Torino Football Stadium - Italy
  • Trafford Centre Manchester - UK
  • Manchester City Football Stadium - UK
  • Changi Airport - Singapore
  • Manila Naia Airport - Philippines
  • Palau Sant Jordi Sports Arena - Spain
  • London Spouters Corner Cinema - UK
  • Jarmen Fields Leisure Centre - UK
  • Folkstone Police Station - UK
  • Trafford Centre Cinema - UK
  • Maidenhead Cinema - UK
  • Ipswich Cinema - UK
  • Basildon Cinema - UK
  • Birmingham Star City Leisure Centre - UK
  • Sheffield Revolution Nightclub - UK
  • Weymouth Cinema - UK
  • Nottingham Leisure Centre - UK

Metal Deck Roof Construction with PIR
Rw= 38dB Ln,w=68dB
(without Tecsound Acoustic Membrane Rw32dB and Ln,w73dB)

acoustic roof systems

5kg FPV roofing membrane
3kg FV3 roofing membrane
80mm PIR board
2 no. Tecsound 50
0.7mm Profiled deck

Test Report: SRL C/00/5L/7950/2-38
Test Report: SRL C/00/5L/7950/2-5
Test Report: SRL C/00/5L/7950/2-12
Test Report: SRL C/00/5L/7950/2-14

Metal Deck Roof Construction with Mineral Wool
Rw= 46dB
(without Tecsound Acoustic Membrane Rw40dB

acoustic roof systems

5kg SBS roofing membrane
3kg FV3 roofing membrane
50mm, 140kg/m³ mineral wool PIR board
2 no. Tecsound 50
1mm Profiled deck

Test Report: Applus 07/32304816
Test Report: Estudi Acustic H. Arau

Metal Deck Roof Construction with PIR and Mineral Wool
Rw= 47dB

acoustic roof systems

5kg SBS roofing membrane
3kg FV3 roofing membrane
40mm PIR Board
50mm, 140kg/m³ mineral wool PIR board
2 no. Tecsound 50
1mm Profiled deck

Test Report: Applus 08/32310041

Metal Deck Roof Construction with Mineral Wool
Rw= 55dB

acoustic roof systems

1mm standing seam
120mm, 30kg/m³ mineral wool
50mm, 140kg/m³ mineral wool
50mm, 200kg/m³ mineral wool
2 no. Tecsound 50
0.8mm Profiled deck

Test Report: Labein B0082-IN-CT104

26db acoustic roofing system

31db acoustic roof

34db acoustic roof

39db acoustic roof

44db acoustic roof

Other systems tested include:

46db acoustic roof

soundproofing acoustic roofing

LIA sound intensity tests on metal deck roofing systems

Acoustic Intensity Tests to BS EN ISO 140-18:2006

Acoustic Roof on Barcelona Terminal 1Acoustic Roof on Korda Studios - Budapest
Acoustic Roof Barcelona Terminal 1     &    Acoustic Roof on Korda Studios - Budapest

 Acoustic Roof on Torino Stadium - ItalyAcoustic Roof on Santiago de Compostela
Acoustic Roof on Torino Stadium - Italy     &     Acoustic Roof on Santiago de Compostela

Acoustic Roof on Manchester StadiumAcoustic Roof on Zaragoza Airport
Acoustic Roof on Manchester Stadium     &     Acoustic Roof on Zaragoza Airport

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