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I-Slats and I-SlatFLEX

I-Slats and I-SlatFLEX
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  • Versatile hardwood slats
  • Simple and easy to fix and remove
  • Available in a wide range of finishes
  • Available in Fire Class 2 or Class 0
  • Can be used on walls or ceilings
  • Can be used on curved surfaces
  • Schools
  • Lobbies
  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Halls
  • Hotels
  • Auditoriums

I-Slat and I-SlatFLEX Hardwood Timber Acoustic Slats for Walls and Ceilings

I-Slats blades acoustic timber panel systems

  • The I-Slat system can be supplied in two variants. One, a double grooved panel which can be used for acoustic absorption applications, the other a tongued and grooved panel which is for aesthetics only as it doesn't accommodate gaps.
  • The slats are 19mm thick, available in widths of 90mm or 140mm and supplied in random lengths.
  • It is available in four standard timbers Iroko, Beech, Oak and Pine but can also be colour lacquered, painted, varnished, stained etc.
  • Unlike cheaper import imitations which require onsite lacquering to upgrade to Class 0 our panels can be supplied in a Class 0 Fire Rating thus saving substantial labour time.
  • Two type of clips can be used for the installation. One offers a permanent fixing while the other offers a demountable installation which allows for easy access.
  • The gap between slats with the permanent cleat system can be either 10mm, 15mm or 25mm depending on the clip width.
  • The gap between slats with the removable cleat system can be either 15mm or 20mm depending on the clip width.
  • The ends of each panel are butt joined.
  • The gap between the panels can be covered with a black tissue fleece which hides any services which may sit behind the installation.
  • Also available in a flex curved option to special order.
Slat Width Gap Open Area
90mm 10mm 10%
90mm 15mm 14%
90mm 25mm 22%
140mm 10mm 6%
140mm 15mm 10%
140mm 25mm 15%

Standard Timbers

timber acoustic panels

IMPORTANT Installation and Maintenance Recommendations

  • The panels must be stored and installed in dry, moisture-free areas at a temperature between 18°C and 25°C. (Note: the original packaging does NOT protect the material from rain or moisture.)
  • Do not place any loads on the packaged material.
  • The product is for interior installation only. Premises must be weathertight and suitably habitable and the panels must have been acclimatised in the space where they will be installed for a minimum of 24 hours before installation.
  • We recommend installation joints every 6–7 m2.
  • The premises must not be subject to sudden changes in temperature or humidity, as the panels require constant climate conditions all year round.
  • Room temperature must always be between 18°C and 25°C, and relative humidity between 40% and 60%.
  • Use only a damp cloth to clean the panels. Never apply products with chemical agents.
  • Natural wood products may show variations in colours, shades and grey tones.

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