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Ebony Sound Absorber - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Ebony Absorber The Ebony acoustic absorption panel is a mid frequency absorber. Its co..

Effectfuser - (pack of 3)
Effectfuser Diffusion shells are acoustic treatment elements used in large volume rooms, such..

Foamsorb Acoustic Foam - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Foamsorb Acoustic Foam This cost effective acoustic absorber is highly versatile and..

Ivory Sound Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Ivory The Ivory® acoustic panel is a single directional diffuser. Its convex e..

LeakyFM Acoustic Panel - (pack of 4)
Jocavi LeakyFM JOCAVI has developed the LeakyFM as an additional option within the range ..

LF Tone Basstrap
  Jocavi LF Tone Low Frequency Absorber The LF TONE is a low-frequency membrane a..
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Neo 3Q Diffusor Panel - (pack of 8)
Jocavi Neo 3Q Diffusor  From many years the Quadratic diffusers became a classic shape i..

Neo 6Q Acoustic Diffusor Panel - (pack of 8)
Jocavi Neo 6Q Diffusor  From many years the Quadratic diffusers became a classic shape i..

Plura Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Plura Acoustic Diffuser Plura is an acoustic diffusion panel, manufactured in ABS ..

Pyramid Absorber/Diffuser - (pack of 3)
Jocavi Pyramid   Absorbent and Diffusive Panel. This is an acoustic panel that com..

Product discontinued - please see our alternative Pyramid Profile Foam  Can still be produce..
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Round Basscorner
Jocavi Round Basscorner It is of paramount importance to control the low range of the sou..

Reflex Sound Diffuser - (pack of 5)
Jocavi Reflex Diffusion Panel   This cost effective acoustic diffuser is highly versa..

Ripple Diffuser - (pack of 2)
Jocavi Ripple   The RIPPLE was especially designed to have both absorption and di..

Slimbass Angle
Jocavi Slimbass Angle   Low Frequency Absorption Panel Music rooms, studios,..
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Slimbass Wall
Jocavi Slimbass Wall Low Frequency Absorption Panel Music rooms, studios, practice rooms and h..
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Seafoam - (pack of 8)
Jocavi Seafoam Acoustic Panel SEAFOAM is made of a flexible open-cell foam from melamine ..

Jocavi Acoustic Stage Shells
 Acoustic Shells Introduction When performing in a conventional theatre, symphonic an..
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Snowsorb Acoustic Foam - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Snowsorb Acoustic Foam Panel   In order to enlarge the range of options availa..

SquaryDiffusor - (pack)
Jocavi SquaryDiffusor A diffusion panel that has a higher balance between diffusion/absor..

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