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Rules of thumb and things to think about:

Generally it is best to engage an acoustic consultant if you have a need for an acoustic barrier or an acoustic enclosure.
Many common mistakes, or false assumptions, are made in respect of these items which can lead to their providing virtually no noise reduction at all.

  • A noise barrier must at least block the line of sight between the noise source and the receiver. As long as it is wide enough this can give an insertion loss of 5dBA but it is best if it is at least 30% higher than this where it could achieve a 10dBA insertion loss.
  • A barrier must have enough mass so that the noise is forced over it and not through it. This would generally be in the region of 15-20kg/m².
  • A properly designed barrier can give an extra 1dBA for each extra metre of height over and above the line of sight.
  • A barrier must be placed as close to the noise source as possible.
  • A noise barrier may require an absorptive face depending on the noise problem.
  • A noise barrier is unlikely to give more than a 20dBA insertion loss.
  • A noise barrier needs to be wide enough. It should be 8-10 times as long as the distance between the receiver and barrier itself with the receiver position being central to the barrier length.
  • Enclosures should not be tight fitting, space is required around the noise source depending on its spectral content.

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Acoustimodules - External Perforated Modular Acoustic Barrier Panels
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Fire Retardant Duct Foam / Pyrosorb Foam
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Foam / Barrier Composite Soundproofing
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Soundproofing Steel Acoustic Doors RS9 - 48 or 52 dB
Soundproofing Steel Acoustic Doors RS9 - 48 or 52dB A high performance steel acoustic door with a..
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Sylomer Acoustic Cradle Mounts
Sylomer® Acoustic Cradle Mounts Sylomer® acoustic cradle floor mounts have been speci..
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Sylomer Acoustic Pads
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Sylomer Stud Isolation Mount
EP500 Sylomer based Studwork Isolation Mounts For effective acoustic decoupling of studwork and b..

TSR Vibration Isolation Mounts
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Acoustison-50 Steel Perforated Industrial Acoustic Absorber Panels
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Free-Standing Steel Acoustic Barriers
Free Standing Perforated Steel Acoustic Panels/Barriers Uses Industrial ..
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FT55 AL Pipewrap - High Performance Acoustic HVAC Insulation
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Acoustic Silencer - Circular
Circular acoustic silencers and attenuators Circular silencers constructed with a mineral wool ab..
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Acoustic Silencer - Rectangular
Cell-Acoustic Silencers for industrial noise control Ideal for soundproofing of larger acoustic e..
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Acoustic Louvres for environmental noise control
Acoustic Louvres Acoustic ventilation air grilles, with reduced depth, allowing the units to be ..
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Foil Tissue or PVC faced Acoustic Ceiling Pads
BCO Foil wrapped or Black tissue faced acoustic ceiling pads BCO foil wrapped / black tissue-face..
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Basmel Acoustic Curtains
Basmel Acoustic Curtains BASMEL Acoustic curtain is a low-cost acoustic product that can be u..
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Portable Acoustic Curtains / Drapes / Enclosures
Industrial Acoustic Curtains Uses Industrial enclosures Suitable for..
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PyroJoint - Acoustic / Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal
PyroJoint - Acoustic / Intumescent Expansion Joint Sealer BS 476: Part 20 PR EN1336-4 ..
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Acoustic Melamine Foam - Melatech
Acoustic Foam - Melatech Melatech made of Basotect®, a melamine-based acoustic foam is a uniq..
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Acoustic Foam - Polyurethane low density
Polyurethane Acoustic Foam Standard polyurethane acoustic foam controls airborne noise by reducin..
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Acoustic Audio Sound Booths - Modular
Acoustic Audiometric Sound Booths (Sound Havens) Uses Industrial Enc..
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Prosonic Acoustic Window Reveal Liners
Sound Absorbing Acoustic Window Reveal Liners Introduction Custom Audio Designs' Prosonic ..
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