Akustic + Sylomer Anti-vibration Mounts

sylomer 25 anti vibration mounts

Sylomer Acoustic Pad


GETZNER Werkstoffe GmbH manufactures a superior anti-vibration material called Sylomer®

The Akustik+Sylomer® ceiling mounts incorporate the visco-elastic Sylomer®, a microcellular polyurethane material which is specifically designed for high performance vibration isolation. This material produces a higher degree of damping than the rubbers and elastomers traditionally used for this purpose thus improving performance by around 2dB.

sylomer anti vibration mounts Models and Dimensions

These anti-vibration mounts have been designed for suspension from false ceilings, vibrating pipelines and machinery that has to be suspended.
sylomer 30 anti vibration mounts Sylomer 30 Range
sylomer 75 anti vibration mounts Sylomer 75 Range
sylomer 60 anti vibration mounts Sylomer 60 Range

Range designed for the suspension of machines operating at more than 500Hz and for loads from 12Kg to 100Kg.
sylomer 155 anti vibration mounts Sylomer 150 Range
ep plus sylomer anti vibration mounts EP + Sylomer Mounts

Range designed for the floating suspension of soundproofed walls. Sylomer avoids the transmission of vibrations while providing optimal acoustic results.
sylomer 25 anti vibration mounts Sylomer 25 Range
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