Stripesorb-ARC Acoustic Foam - (pack of 4)

Stripesorb-ARC Acoustic Foam - (pack of 4)
Product Code: JCV STR-A
Pack size: 4 units per box
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STRIPESORB ARC stripe-shaped acoustic treatment absorber made of self-extinguishing acoustic foam installed in a professional studio

Jocavi Stripesorb-ARC Acoustic Foam Absorber Panel

The STRIPESORB ARC is a stripe-shaped acoustic treatment absorber made of self-extinguishing acoustic foam. Its shape looks similar to parallel blades with angular spaces between them. It was achieved in order to have small longitudinal absorption surfaces separated by angled incisions meant to enhance absorption. By combining several identical modules, the shape looks like concave and convex arcs that wave uniformly, which results in an attractive geometric look. The STRIPESORB ARC can also be combined with the similar STRIPESORB, which has a flat appearance.

The STRIPESORB ARC acoustic foam panel is cut in a simple standard method to keep it more affordable. It is recommended for project spaces, large room environments, common workspaces, music studios and listening rooms, as well as small booths. This model can be applied on large continuous ceiling areas when mandatory and stronger acoustic absorption is required, by solving small flutter echo problems. Its shape maximises the area that is exposed to sound waves for better absorption. The STRIPESORB ARC is installed by gluing it directly to the existing surface with our recommended adhesives. It is a very efficient absorbent panel meant for budget-conscious acoustic projects.


  • 600 x 600 x 110/60mm (0.4kg) 4 or 12 units per box
  • 1200 x 600 x 110/60mm (0.8kg) 4 or 8 units per box
  • Acoustic foam self extinguishing or Class0
  • Average NRC=0.79 [>250Hz; <10kHz]
  • Packaging: 4(2 pairs), 8(4 pairs) or 14(7 pairs) per box
  • Installation: Optional adhesive can be supplied
  • αW=0.80 (H)
  • Absorption Class B

STRIPESORB ARC stripe-shaped acoustic absorber technical drawing detail

STRIPESORB ARC stripe-shaped acoustic absorption coefficient data

STRIPESORB ARC stripe-shaped acoustic absorber foam colour options

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