TwoFX Diffuser - (pack of 2)

TwoFX Diffuser - (pack of 2)
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Pack size: 2 units per box
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TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels installed on a professional studio wall

Jocavi TwoFX - Diffusion Panel

The TwoFX is an acoustic treatment panel with two entirely different faces: a diffusion face and an absorption face which do not have any similarities at all. This panel is particularly appropriate for one-room recording studios that have to record several different setups, thus requiring different acoustic features. On the diffusion face, a sequence of the seven musical notes followed by a mathematical routine of transpositions, inversions and retrogrades was considered as a basis.

The shapes are predominantly convex, but there are also some concave shapes that never repeat. On the other flat absorption face, three different 100% recycled raw materials were used. As can be seen from the tests that were carried out, the features of both faces are quite opposite. During 5 years of the production of the TWO® FX, this model was made on HIPS. Now, JOCAVI® improves this model’s characteristics using GPR as raw-material. This model’ updated on GRP, makes increases the mass that helps to improve his diffusion acoustic performance. TWO® FX provides features of a beautiful diffusion surface with highly musical characteristics, simultaneously.

The result is an absorption panel with high absorptive power and a beautiful diffusion surface with highly musical features on the opposite side. The absorption side is covered with our acoustic fabric and the diffusion face has a crystal clear shine.

Made from three different 100% recycled materials 


TwoFX 2FX diffusion and absorption panels orientation


  • 600 x 600 x 140mm (4.5kg)
  • Average diffusion: 0.64/m² [>100Hz; <5kHz]
  • Average NRC=0.83 [>100Hz; <5kHz]
  • Finished with ecological paint
  • M2 fire resistance
  • 100% recyclable>
  • Packaging: 2 units per box
  • Installation: metal wall plate accessories inlcuded
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 354:2003 and Rated in accordance with BS EN ISO 11654:1997.

TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels technical drawing detail

TwoFX 2FX diffusion and absorption coefficient acoustic data

TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels EPS RAL colour options

TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels fabric colour options

Black TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels installed on a home cinema wall and ceiling

Red TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels installed on a home cinema wall

TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels installed on a home cinema ceiling

TwoFX 2FX diffusion panels ceiling and wall mounted in a home cinema

White TwoFX 2FX diffusion panel profile material

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