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Part E:
Click HERE to view our Floor / Wall / Ceiling Solutions to meet New Part E Building Regs

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Roofing stsyems:
Tecsound Acoustic Sound Insulating Roofing Systems

Technical and Studio:
Soundproofing Basics - Sound absorption, sound barriers, wall sound ratings, things to remember
Listen to the Music not the Room - Distortion, room modes, SBIR, comb filtering, bass response
Basic Room Acoustics - Sound waves, loudness, reflection, diffraction, absorption, direct vs ambient
Free-Standing Studio Monitor Placement - The baffle effect, wall reflections, imaging, room modes
Soffit-Mounting of Control Room Monitors - Half space, frequency response dips, diffraction effects
Basstrap Basic Design Principles
Acoustic and Soundproofing Definitions - TL, SRI, STC, NRC, dB(A)
Measuring Acoustic Absorption
Acoustic Door Seals
Understanding Decibels

Basic How To:
How to Soundproof Soil Pipes
How to Soundproof Your Walls
How to Soundproof Your Floors
How to Soundproof Your Ceiling
How to Soundproof Your windows
How to Soundproof Industrial Machines
Village Hall Acoustics
Rehearsal Room Acoustic Treatment
Home Cinema Acoustics
Quiet Ventilation
Other Commercial:
Office Acoustics - Noise Control for Offices
Restaurant Acoustics - Noise Control for Restaurants
Soundproofing for Pubs and Clubs

Public Sector:
Sports Hall Acoustics - Noise Control for Sports Halls
School Acoustics - Classroom Acoustics
Hospital Acoustics - Noise Control for Hospitals HTM 08-01
Click HERE to view Solutions to meet BB93 Acoustic Solutions for Schools                                                                                                                                                                                  


Vibration Isolation Solutions:

Anti-Vibration Installation Principles

Anti-Vibration - Creeping

Anti-Vibration - HF and LF Behaviour

Anti-Vibration - Design Principles

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