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ProFoam Acoustic Foam - DISCONTINUED

ProFoam Acoustic Foam - DISCONTINUED
Product Code: GRG PRO
Availability: Discontinued
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Please Note: This acoustic foam profile is no longer being manufactured. However, we do however have many other acoustic foam profile options on the link here:

Profiled Acoustic Foam for Recording Studios


Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS PAGE as the final items left in stock are still available



  • First nestable profile foam
  • First profile foam using VDAC technology
  • Available in fireproof class 0 melamine and UL94 polyurethane (flammable)
  • Can be applied in vertical and horizontal combinations
  • New modern look allows use as an interior design element


  • VDAC technology allows optimum performance at the lowest prices
  • Can be cut into various width strips to fill required area.
  • Nestable profile can be layered to any thickness offering unlimited absorption at any time
  • Begin economically and upgrade performance as needed
rpg profoam acoustic foam


  • Acoustic foam provides the most cost-effective approach to controlling interfering reflections and noise.
  • Profoam optimises the performance and appearance of conventional acoustical flat sheet acoustic foam.
  • This nestable profile utilises a variable depth air cavity which strategically space most of the foam away from the mounting surface for optimum absorption efficiency and economy.
  • By combining ProFoam and RPG ProCorner, a complete acoustical foam room treatment system is possible.


rpg profoam acoustic foam  


There are three aspects of conventional foam which can be optimised:

1. Conventional flat backed wedge and convoluted foams are applied directly to the mounting surface, where the particle velocity is zero. Since no absorption can occur when the particle velocity is zero, a significant portion of solid foam is wasted.

2. To provide appropriate absorption coefficients, conventional foam is sold in several thicknesses. If an application requires additional absorption at a later date, the existing foam must be removed and a panel of greater thickness applied.

3. Conventional foam has limited interior design appeal because of its 'industrial' appearance.


To solve these problems, ProFoam incorporates an innovative, attractive, and universal profile to space most of the foam away from the surface for optimum absorption. Since ProFoam is nestable, one size generally fits all applications.

Unlike conventional foam, additional absorption can be achieved at a later date by simply adding more nestable layers to form a thicker stack. ProFoam's unique attractive shape allows it to be used as a design element. When formed from fire retardant Melamine, white ProFoam can be used in all spaces that require Class 0 fireproof interior finish treatment.

ProFoam acoustic absorption graph, Select For Details




VDAC technology provides minimum point of contact with the mounting surface, thus enabling most of the foam to be positioned away from the wall for optimum absorption. Unlike conventional foams which are applied in a fixed thickness, additional absorption can be achieved by simply stacking new layers on top of the existing panels.



 Fitting ProFoam is quick and easy. Simply apply clear silicone adhesive to the foam ridges that contact the mounting surface. Hold the panels in place until the adhesive cures. Alternatively we supply a clear spray adhesive which is also ideal if you wish to fabric upholster these panels yourself.





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