Quality Policy

Quality Policy:

It is our policy to supply noise control solutions, technical support and acoustic consultancy services including sound testing in accordance with the terms agreed with our customers and our codes of business conduct as well as all legal and ethical requirements and in order to ensure that our Customers receive the goods and services that they order.

We conduct periodic reviews of the Quality Policy and our objectives in order to ensure that we continue to improve the effectiveness of our system.


Our Quality Management System is embedded in our business. We work hard to maintain it for our stakeholders. We are externally audited on a regular basis to ensure that we maintain the standard of our Quality Management System by a highly credible third party, United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) endorsed, certifying body.


Further information about our Quality Management System may be requested from The Company Quality Representative - comms@customaudiodesigns.co.uk

Impartiality Policy:

Members of our Specialist Acoustic Services (SAS) Team are technically qualified, trained professionals. They act in the interests of the customer at all times and comply with industry standards for professional conduct along with our Company Code of Conduct.


To ensure impartiality, SAS Technical staff earn no commission from material procurement projects. Furthermore where a member of SAS Technical staff is involved in acoustic consultancy which leads to a commission for material procurement then any subsequent Sound Testing involving the procured materials is undertaken by a qualified third party to UKAS 17025 or ANC standards as appropriate to ensure impartiality.


Our Technical Consultants act in the interests of the client and only report true and accurate findings at all times.

Further information on our Impartiality Policy may be requested from the Company Quality Representative - comms@customaudiodesigns.co.uk

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