Selecting Acoustic Door Seals

Selecting Acoustic Door Seals

Sides and Top
When sealing a door you need a seal for each left and right hand side of the frame and one for along the top of the frame. Most our our frame seals come in kits whereby you get the two lengths for the vertical sides and the smaller length for across the top of the frame. Generally we supply a standard doorset 'kit' where the long lengths are 2.1m so first check that this will be long enough for your door. Most people want to 'retrofit' seals to a door already there so the surface mounted range is the easiest. If you are making up a new door and frame you may want to consider the rebated range as they can be 'hidden' or 'rebated' into the frame.

As a generalisation

The 7025 is a good lightweight general purpose seal.
The 7090 is an excellent, heavy duty, fully adjustable seal.

If the doors are swing doors then you will also need a seal for where the doors meet.
The 7070 and 7061 are suitable for this application but make sure to check which one is suitable depending on both leafs active or not.

Magnetic Seals

Some people (especially studio guys) like the magnetic range. These do provide a very positive airtight seal but remember that you need to source your own steel strips to fix onto the door face as we don't supply these.

Self adhesive seals

A very quick and cheap fix it for the sides and top is the self adhesive 1212. This used in conjunction with a suitable threshold seal can provide excellent results. Again these are supplied in single doorset kits containing 3 lengths.

Door bottom

When you have sealed the sides and top of the door you will need to look at sealing the door bottom (where the gap is usually the largest). This is where threshold seals are used.

We supply two types: Compression and Automatic. The automatic seals have a small 'button' which when pushed in as the door shuts lowers the seal and when released when the door opens raises the seal. The compression seals just squeeze against a threshold strip. Both types of seals need a smooth flat threshold strip to work against although it is possible to use your own wooden threshold as long as it is level. Most of these seals are rebated into the bottom or the side of the door so they are 'hidden'. The compression seals such as the HL and GA are generally supplied in 1m lengths and easily cut to size (as are the threshold strips to go with them) but if you are looking at the automatic seals you need to make sure you order the correct length that can be cut down to th size required as cutting these seals back too far would mean cutting through the spring mechanism.

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