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Please Note: This product is no longer being manufactured. However, we have two very similar acoustic foam basstrap modeal which are very similar in profile:

Jocavi Trap30 acoustic foam basstrap

Jocavi Trap40 acoustic foam basstrap

bass absorbers

ProCorner Bass Trap

  • Acoustic foam provides the most cost-effective approach to controlling interfering reflections and unwanted reverberant noise.
  • This product has a revolutionary and innovative profiled design.
  • ProCorners optimise the corner mounting position of acoustic foam with a profile that matched the ProFoam panels.
  • By combining ProFoam and ProCorner, a complete acoustical foam room treatment system is possible.


In rooms in which acoustic foam is used as the primary surface treatment, a system that includes coordinated, attractive wall and corner panels is needed. Especially if it can utilise the depth of the corner and absorb more mid and bass frequencies than the surface mounted acoustic foam with less depth.



The ProCorner complements the ProFoam nestable wall panels to create a complete acoustical foam room treatment. The ProCorner integrates seamlessly with the ProFoam wall panels and offers an NRC of 1 down to around 100Hz for exceptional broad bandwidth absorption.

rpg view procorner dimensions
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The ProCorner offers ideal absorption across the audio spectrum in a convenient corner mounted panel. The graph indicates the random incidence absorption coefficient measured at Riverbank Labs.

rpg ProCorner Absorption Graph
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Simply apply construction adhesive to the sides that contact the mounting surface. When installed in a corner the units protrude 9.5 inches (240mm) along each side wall.

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