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Basmel Acoustic Foam

Basmel Acoustic Foam
Product Code: JCV BAS
Starting at: £14.55 plain foam 600x600
Ending at: £181.67 fabric melamine 2000x1200
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Jocavi Basmel Acoustic Foam

jocavi basmel

BASMEL is a low cost acoustic panel for large quantity applications. It is made of a flexible open-cell foam from melamine resin, or regular acoustic foam, a thermoset polymer and a fire-resistant fabric finishing surface. This foam is characterised by its three-dimensional network structure which consists of easily shaped thin filaments. The sound waves penetrate the open-cell structure, thus reducing the reflected energy and giving this product an excellent sound absorption capacity.

BASMEL's acoustic and safety characteristics make this product ideal for use as a noise control and sound insulation device in buildings that have demanding requirements against fire. It improves acoustics and soundproofing, thereby providing safety in accordance with environmental standards. This product is available covered with fabric, or optionally it can be provided without the fabric cover and/or perforated.

To cover the joints between panels which do not have the fabric wrapped sides we offer an optional roll of fabric adhesive tape that can be applied.


  • M1 self-extinguishing fire retardant foam or Class 0 foam
  • Installation: Self-adhesive option
  • Packaging: 8 units per box
  • αW=0.70 (M) for the 80mm thick version
  • Absorption Class: C

jocavi basmel isometric drawing

absorption coefficient basel acoustic foam

acoustic foam colours

acoustic foam fabric cover course

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