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Important Considerations for Silencers
Silencers are elements that are inserted into ducts/openings/outlets where noisy air flows. Their purpose is to significantly reduce the transmission of noise to the internal or external environment. Factors that influence the choice of silencers are many, but include the following:

  • Sound attenuation should be as efficient as possible on a spectral as well as on a global level. Generally high levels of performance can be achieved at high frequencies but lower frequencies are harder to deal with and silencer efficiency can be significantly less for these. For this reason acoustic calculations should be carried out in octave bands as well as overall LAeq levels.
  • Depending on the speed of the airflow, aerodynamic conditions will need to be considered.
  • Material employed in the manufacture of the silencers will be determined by the air temperature and pressure. The product durability will depend on the quality of the selected materials.
  • Shape and size of the silencers will be determined by the available space, the airflow and energy loss.
  • Airflow regenerated noise within the system, due to additional silencers and ducting, also has to be taken into account.

Rectangular Acoustic Silencersrectangular industrial acoustic silencer

Rectangular acoustic silencers for:

  • machine rooms
  • enclosures
  • power generators
  • ventilation systems etc.
  • more detailed acoustic silencer information.

circular acoustic attenuator          Circular Acoustic Silencer

Circular acoustic silencers are designed to reduce the noise transmitted through ducts produced by fans.

Supplied in a wide range of standard and bespoke sizes.

sound reducing louvers          Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic air inlets with reduced depth allowing for integrated installation in walls. Single- and double-vaned units up to 22dBA of industrial noise reduction are available

More detailed louver information.




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