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BABS Sound Screen (set of 2)
Jocavi BABS The BABS is an acoustic blind system which is ideal to have in your tracking room..

Drum Base
Drum Base The ATP Drum Base is an anti-vibration platform for drum kits, composed of 9 pieces..

Horndiffuser for musicians
Jocavi Horndiffusor microphone pop protector This accessory works as a close acoustic diffuser fo..
As low as £69.00

Kick Pad
Kick Pad To tune and get the best sound out of a bass drum is sometimes a hard task. The Kic..

Microphone Protector
Microphone Protector This accessory is more useful to sound engineers and technicians than to..

Near-Field Base (Pair)
Near-Field Base ..

Pop Off
Pop Off Sometimes a singer's voice can cause clipping on the microphone membrane. The Po..
As low as £69.90

Pyramid Profiled Acoustic Foam - Melatech (pack of 8 or 16)
Pyramid Profiled Acoustic Foam - Melatech (DISCONTINUED) This product currently features on our s..
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Seafoam Acoustic Tiles - (pack of 8)
Jocavi Seafoam Acoustic Panel SEAFOAM is made of a flexible open-cell foam from melamine ..
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Sub Woofer Base
Please contact our sales team for prices Sub Woofer Base The SWB is a key piece for your s..

Swell Acoustic Foam Tiles - (pack of 4)
Jocavi Swell Acoustic Foam Absorber   The SWELL model is an absorbent panel made of s..
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Vocal Mic Reflection Filter
Vocal Mic Reflection Filter This parabola shaped accessory is a creative aid for the engineer..

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