Horndiffuser for musicians

Horndiffuser for musicians
Product Code: SA HOR
Availability: Estimated 3-4 weeks
Price: £106.50

2 or more £69.00

Jocavi Horndiffusor microphone pop protector

This accessory works as a close acoustic diffuser for trumpeters, trombonists and sax players.

It is applied around the microphone and provides the musician with the direct return of the sound that they play.

Besides the advantage to the musician it also provides benefits to the sound engineer as it helps isolate the microphone from the sound that comes from the foldback monitors.

Its curved shape is optimised with the aim of focusing on the musician the reflected sound in the most efficient way.


  • Acoustic reflector for wind instruments
  • Increases the return of direct sound to musician
  • Isolates against foldback speakers
  • Installation: on a microphone tripod
  • Dimensions: diameter 290mm
  • Colour: transparent and glossy

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