Kick Pad

Kick Pad
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Kick Pad

To tune and get the best sound out of a bass drum is sometimes a hard task.
The Kick Pad was created to absorb unwanted harmonics which are out of tune with the bass drum tone, thus making the beat clearer and more defined. The Punch Master is provided with the Kick Pad.
This accessory allows you to fully control the bass drum's head vibration accentuating its punch and deepness at every beat. Its ultra light material and attractive design makes it look distinct and stylish. It also allows protection against tearing from cables or mic tripods.


  • Kit includes Kick Pad and Punchmaster
  • Bass drum absorbent
  • For all drums ranging between 18" and 24"
  • Reduces unwanted internal reflections
  • Installation: inside the drum
  • Dimensions: 840x560x70mm
  • Colour: Grey

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