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Microphone Protector

Microphone Protector
Product Code: SA MIC
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Price: £115.50

Jocavi Widebaffle Acoustic Absorber

Microphone Protector

This accessory is more useful to sound engineers and technicians than to musicians themselves.
This accessory is original, unique, highly necessary and in high demand. It is often used by sound engineers to capture more of the individual sounds when a number of instruments are in close proximity to each other.
The MP1® surrounds the microphone, isolating more of the sound that is captured which can be extremely useful at live events when utilising nosie gates and compressors as it provides them with more accurate control.
It is ideal to use under and over snare drums, as well as floor toms, jazz bass drums, guitar amplifiers, basses or whatever requires closer miking.

  • Insulation protector for microphones
  • Acoustically separates sound capturing
  • Fits most microphone models
  • Installation: on a microphone tripod
  • Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 85 mm
  • Colour: grey, transparent and glossy
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