Acoustic Membrane VL65 Sound barrier

Acoustic Membrane VL65 Sound barrier
Acoustic Membrane VL65 Sound barrier
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 VL65 High Performance Acoustic Membrane

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Recycled contect used in this product


  • Easy to use, cut and trim
  • Supplied in roll form: 5.5m x 1m
  • Airborne noise reduction
  • Very high acoustic performance
  • Visco-elastic
  • Improved low frequency performance
  • Self-adhesive version available
  • Also acts as a VCL


Product description

VL-65 is a high mass, visco-elastic acoustic damping membrane with the added advantage of improved low frequency performance over our other acoustic membranes. It is internally reinforced with a micro fibreglass carrier for improved dimensional stability.


  • Soundproofing against airborne noise in floors, walls and ceilings when used in conjunction with other low surface density materials.
  • VL-65 is acoustically equivalent to lead of the same surface weight.
  • When bonded between stiff rigid sheet materials it greatly reduces the resonance and coincidence dips.
  • Stapled over frameworks it greatly improves the performance of lightweight partitions.
  • When bonded to resonating metal panels it greatly reduces vibration and re-radiated noise.
  • Offers high acoustic performance when combined with sound absorbent materials.
  • Can be used for damping of impact noise caused by atmospheric agents on metal deck roofs.

Acoustic Performance

VL65 acoustic performance graph

Freq, f, Hz, 50 63 80 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Rw
R. (dB) 17.5 18.7 10.9 17 21 24 29 34 39 28
Test Report Number: 130702/002


Technical Data

VL-65 Technical Data
Density 1.9g/cm(+/-0.05)
Colour Black
Roll Size 5.5m x 1m
Weight 6.5kg/m2
Thickness 4mm
Fire Resistance >B,s1,d0 when used in partitions as shown below
Water Vapour resistance (µ) 50000
Maximum tensile strength 350 ±150 / 250 ± 100 EN 12311-1
Elongation ±45 EN 12311-1
Cold Flexibility -10°C; EN1109
High Temperature flow resistance 120°C; EN1110


VL-65 eliminates the coincidence dip around 2.5kHz found in rigid sheet materials such as plasterboard on studwork by 12dB.

The tests below show standard studwall constructions with and without VL-65 sandwiched between the sheets.

The low frequency resonance dip at around 160Hz is reduced by 8dB.

This superb material will improve the overall averaged Rof a stud partition, as shown below, by 6dB.

Internal partition with and without VL65

Internal partition with and without VL65 graph

VL65 separating partition

Separating partition with VL65 viscolastic membrane

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