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Vibration Isolation

Vibration Isolation Mounts and Acoustic Hangers for floors, walls and ceilings

We supply an extremely wide range of anti-vibration isolation mountings for soundproofing acoustic floors, soundproofing acoustic walls and soundproofing acoustic ceilings. If you know what type of mount you require we probably have it.

If you have no idea what type of mount you require we can usually work out a suitable one if we know the frequency of rotation, load and size of unit to be treated along with the isolation efficiency you require. We can work out resonant frequencies for other types of suspension systems so just contact us.

how to install anti vibration isolation mounts
Installation Principles

the effects of creeping when using anti vibration isolation mounts

the effects of high and low frequencies on vibration isolation
HF and LF Behaviour

anti vibration isolation design principles
Design Principles

acoustic anti vibration ceiling supports  

Akustic Ceiling Supports

Range designed for the suspension of false acoustic ceilings and machinery operating at more than 1000 rpm. The same anti-vibration element is used across the range. This element is made of rubber offering high mechanical performance and is specially suitable for vibration isolation.

springtec anti vibration ceiling supports  

Ceiling Supports Springtec

Range designed for the suspension of false acoustic ceilings and machinery operating at more than 450 rpm.

VT anti vibration mounts  

VT Ceiling Mounts

Range designed for the suspension of false acoustic ceilings and machinery operating at more than 450 rpm.

SRB anti vibration ceiling supports  

Spring Rubber Ceiling Mounts

This is a new range of anti-vibration mounts, combining the high deflection of the spring with the dampening properties of the rubber. The metallic structure is very robust and it is supplied with an anti-corrosive zinc plating.

EP wall anti vibration supports  

EP Wall Mounts

Designed for the floating suspension of soundproof walls.

This mount is designed for vibration damping of walls. Maximum load per damper is 10kg.

floor anti vibration supports  

Floating Floor Mounts

A range designed for use in floating floors or machinery working at more than 700 rpm. Manufactured in rubber with excellent mechanical insulation qualities. We are able to manufacture them in different diameters and heights to suit.

portable equipment anti vibration supports  

Portable Equipment Isolation Mounts

A range of small vibration isolation mounts ideally suited to smaller machinery such as washing machines, pianos, speakers, computer server racks, chillers and ventilators with weights from 10Kg - 420Kg.Provides isolation generally around 11-25Hz depending on load and mount used.

speaker anti vibration hangers  

Speaker Anti-vibration Mounts

A range of highly damped anti-vibration mounts for speakers to decouple them from the structure. Works down to 4Hz when correctly loaded.


Resilient Pipe Mounts for pipe vibration isolation  

A range of mounts for use to isolate vibrating double and singe pipes from 15-32mm 

Akustic + Sylomer
Anti-vibration Mounts


sylomer anti vibration mounts  

Models and Dimensions

These anti-vibration mounts have been designed for suspension from false ceilings, vibrating pipelines and machinery that has to be suspended.

sylomer 30 anti vibration mounts  

Sylomer 30 Range

sylomer 75 anti vibration mounts  

Sylomer 75 Range

sylomer 60 anti vibration mounts  

Sylomer 60 Range

Range designed for the suspension of machines operating at more than 500Hz and for loads from 12Kg to 100Kg.

sylomer 155 anti vibration mounts  

Sylomer 150 Range

ep plus sylomer anti vibration mounts  

EP + Sylomer Mounts

Range designed for the floating suspension of soundproofed walls. Sylomer avoids the transmission of vibrations while providing optimal acoustic results.

sylomer 25 anti vibration mounts  

Sylomer 25 Range


sylomer 25 anti vibration mounts  

Sylomer Acoustic Pad


GETZNER Werkstoffe GmbH manufactures a superior anti-vibration material called Sylomer®

The Akustik+Sylomer® ceiling mounts incorporate the visco-elastic Sylomer®, a microcellular polyurethane material which is specifically designed for high performance vibration isolation. This material produces a higher degree of damping than the rubbers and elastomers traditionally used for this purpose thus improving performance by around 2dB.


treadmill isolation pads

Treadmill Isolation Pads


Specifically designed to reduce noise through floors when using running machines and other gym equipment.

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