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We hate to see old audio equipment going in the bin when its broken and it is a side passion of ours to refurbish / repair anything we come across to keep it alive for another decade. It's a labour of love and we don't charge anything significant for our time - just for the parts. As most of the items are of low value, our labour time would totally outweight the units value if we did. Generally many units fail due to PSU issues or battery leaks and if that happens often other components further up the line can get taken down. Virtually all our units have refurbished power supplies which should ideally keep them stable for future use. Heat buildup inside equipment housed in racks often reduces the life of components so we suggest that with older equipment space be left between units to allow for better cooling or space wall adapter units (that run cooler) inbetween 240V internal supply units (which often run hotter).

Buying a refurbished unit from us should ensure piece of mind knowing that it has been checked over and given an internal / external 'MOT' so to speak. We also have a number of spare bits and pieces from units which are simply not worth (or cannot be) repairing so feel free to ask if you are looking for anything specific.

Please note, when we say we 'serviced' that does not mean we simply spray endless amounts of switch cleaner around (or WD40 which we have actually come across). It means main caps are always replaced in the PSU, regulators checked, voltages checked, full clean inside and out, switches/pots/sliders are usually taken apart, cleaned and re-greased (or replaced), often grubby screws are replaced with new ones, sometimes cases are re-sprayed and the units are soak tested for a long time to ensure everything is working as it should for a vintage piece of equipment.   

With all 'vintage' type equipment it is often not possible to replace switches or pots that are not obtainable anymore and careful cleaning is the only option. This means that there may still be the odd 'crackle' and often this goes with more use the unit has. What we try to do in these situations is reduce a 'thump' or a total 'distortion' to something at least useable. 

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19" Rack Mountable SMPTE Display
Friend Chip - Big Time A large format rack mountable 19" wide red SMPTE display. Runs off a ..

ART Multiverb LT
ART Multiverb LT - S/N 3943 - 16 bit digital multiple effects processor. Pictures to follow:..

Atari Mega4 refurbished power supply
Atari Mega4 refurbished power supply We are not sure if this will fit a 520 or 1040 Atari as thos..

BBC Sound FX CD Collection
We have 95 genuine BBC sound effects CD's from number 1 to number 115. The ones that are missing..
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BEL BD80 Digital Delay
BEL BD80 Sampling Digital Delay Line Pictures coming soon. A fantastic sounding, British made, vi..

BEL BD80 Digital Sampling Delay with 8s Memory
Coming soon once refurbished. A wonderful example of this classic British built analogue delay, in e..
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BSS FCS 960 Graphic EQ
A refurbished BSS FCS 960 constant Q, 1/3 octave two channel graphic equaliser. There are some scrat..

Digitech Studio Quad
Digitech Studio Quad front panel A fully working replacement front panel. The encoder works fine ..

Digitech Studio Quad V2
Digitech Studio Quad V2 multi-effect processor 4 channels. If you have little room this may be the p..

EMS Synthi AKS Vintage Synthesiser Parts
Genuine vintage EMS Synthi AKS spare parts. Unfortunately the unit is nowhere near complete but w..
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EMU Drumulator
An almost pristine Drumulator, fully working. All tact switches are good. One very minor 'blemis..
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Lexicon MPX200
Lexicon MPX200 A superb example of a Lexicon MPX200. We have refurbished the internal power suppl..

Matsushita Tact Switch EVQ Range
EVQ-Q8R13K Push switch with shank These are genuine unused (not pulled) NOS 1PNO EVQ Q8R13K Matsu..
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Nagra 3 vintage reel to reel
Nagra 3 vintage tape recorder ..
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PPM9 dual twin meter
This is a refurbished Ex. BBC Dual Twin needle PPM meter powered by a superior PPM9 driver card. ..

Roland GP16
Roland GP-16 effects processor. Pending service finish. TBC. Currently we have replaced the awful bo..
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Samson MPL 2242
Samson MPL 2242 rack mountable mixing desk - SOLD This is in pretty good condition. We have refur..
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Sifam 34A PPM Sum&Difference Meter
Sifam type 32A PPM Meters Two available in fully working order. Currently they are in a custom-ma..

TC 1280 Audio Delay
Digital Line Delay TC1280. S/N 120150 Digital delay in a rack, high quality build from Denmark..

Yamaha SPX 1000
Serviced and refurbished Yamaha SPX 1000. Basically an SPX90 with a few extra steroids, longer re..

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