Samson MPL 2242

Samson MPL 2242
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Samson MPL 2242 rack mountable mixing desk - SOLD

This is in pretty good condition. We have refurbished the power supply so its reliability should be improved for the future but the main downside to this mixer is that its not worth the time refurbishing any other internals as its not modular and the time would outweigh the value. It has a broken channel one line input socket but its just the housing the socket still works. We have tested this as well as we can and everything seems to be working.

Channel 19/20 has a very scratchy fader. It works but the issue is likely the contacts being bent so they are 'grabbing' the inside. Its too fiddly to justify remove and repair and likely to fail at some point. One pot has its cap top cover missing.

Other than that this desk does pack a punch for a rack mountable unit. It has 22 Input channels, 4 Stereo Aux Returns and 6 Aux send of which four can be pre or post fader. Very hard to find a small desk with these features. Original user manual included. 

samson mpl 2242 rack mountable mixing desk    

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