Vocal Mic Reflection Filter

Vocal Mic Reflection Filter
Product Code: SA VOC
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Price: £339.40

Jocavi acoustic panel

Vocal Mic Reflection Filter

This parabola shaped accessory is a creative aid for the engineer enabling significant tonal variations by adjusting the position between the unit and the microphone.
The bell is sealed which improves the isolation from the room environment by reducing the amount of reflected energy from room surfaces making the captured sound more authentic.
The VRM Filters interior is made from three different absorbent materials and works extremely well in untreated rooms.
It can be used for singers as well as instruments.


  • Acoustic microphone bell
  • Isolates the microphone from room effects
  • Installation: on a microphone tripod
  • Dimensions: 580x380x240mm
  • Colour: grey and black

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